Invest in the future

MyBit enables anyone to directly invest in technologies of the future.

Investing in this emerging multi-trillion dollar industry of autonomous vehicles, renewable energy, robotics, and smart IoT devices has never been easier.

By integrating Ethereum Smart Contracts MyBit offers a faster, more secure and profitable model than traditional platforms. MyBit is the future of investing.

MyBit offers

SpeedMonitor your investment progress in real time and receive revenue near-instantaneously instead of quarterly or annually like traditional funds.
SecurityBe in control of your money from start to finish. With MyBit there is no need to trust a third-party such as a fund with your capital. Instead it is governed by immutable computer code to eliminate the risk of manipulation or misuse.
Low feesMyBit digitalises and automates broker functions so users can invest directly without paying excessive fees to a middle man. Traditional funds charge an average of 20% just to manage investment processes and distribute profits. This function can be fully automated with smart contracts which enables MyBit to offer the same services at a fraction of the cost.
AvailabilityMyBit scales to every possible user. Offering individual investors, to large funds the ability to purchase a percentage of an asset, the whole asset, or an entire fleet of revenue generating assets.

How it works

The MyBit Platform

Welcome to the Machine Era

MyBit’s automated revenue distribution system makes it cheap, easy and trustless for people to receive their share of revenue, as tech grows in dollar cost efficiency so will the rate of return opportunities for investors.

The Future of Investing

The platform will provide a crowdfunding and revenue distribution management system that can take any amount of funds and convert it into a share of revenue generating IOT economy on a trustless, automatic and cryptographically secure network.

MyBit Token

Users stake their MyBit tokens, get paid a portion of the 2% network transaction fees from asset funding. To learn more view our Token Utility Video.


Meet the team

Ian WorrallFounder
Natalia TokarBusiness Development
Ash HalladayCreative Lead
Joost ToornendCMO
Kyle DewhurstSolidity Developer
Connor HoweBlockchain Engineer
Jose AguinagaBoard Member
Thomas PollanAdvisor
Jake VartanianAdvisor, Founder of Cryptodex
Mitchell LoureiroAdvisor, Former VP of Marketing at Steem
Garrett MacDonaldAdvisor, Founding Member of Energy Web Foundation
Oliver CardingAdvisor, Founder Coinjournal


  1. Q4 2016Idea Conceived
  2. Q1 2017Whitepaper Published and Architecture Designed
  3. Q3 2017Ethereum TestNet Demo and Token Pre-sale
  4. Q1 2018Platform Alpha Launch
  5. Q3 2018Platform Beta Launch
  6. Q1 2019Platform Launch


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