MyBit DApp

The MyBit Decentralized Application (DApp) is the backbone of the MyBit Ecosystem. It enables anyone to invest directly in IoT assets. All at a fraction of the cost of traditional platforms and investment funds. The MyBit DApp is the future of investing.


The MyBit Decentralized Asset Exchange (MYDAX) is a revolutionary technology, providing liquidity to a historically illiquid market for the first time ever. It is the first Decentralized IoT Asset Exchange in the world and has ambitions to be the backbone of the new machine economy.

MyBit Mobile DApp

The MyBit Decentralized Application you know and love will be available soon on Android and iOS through CipherBrowser, which runs a lite node for you.

IoT Asset Tracker

View all of your MyBit Asset Investments in one place. It’s essentially the blockfolio for IoT assets on the MyBit Platform!

Native Wallets

  • Android - in development
  • iOS - in development
  • Mac - in development
  • Windows - in development
  • MyEtherWallet - Link
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