Why invest in IoT?

The Internet has changed the course of humanity. Now there’s a new technological revolution on its way: machines. It’s predicted that by 2025, some 50 billion IoT devices will generate an astonishing $11.1 trillion in revenue. Traditionally, only exclusive investment funds could take advantage of this emerging economy, but with MyBit it’s open to everyone.

And that’s just one of the reasons to invest:

MyBit is faster

Traditional funds pay out quarterly or annually. With MyBit, it’s in real-time.

MyBit is more profitable

Funds usually charge 3% fees and 20-30% of profits. With MyBit, it’s a flat 1% fee.

MyBit is empowering

Funds own your investment and any transaction must go through them. With MyBit, you control your money.

MyBit is more secure

Investment funds expect you to trust their data. With MyBit, it’s backed by the blockchain.

MyBit is accessible

Traditional funds are for high net worth individuals only. MyBit’s accessible to all.

MyBit is global

Many funds are limited by geography. MyBit offers access to the global IoT market.

Target IoT verticals

The MyBit Ecosystem functions as a multi-industrial investment platform.
This means it is applicable to all markets, across all industries, in all countries.


Delivery Drones

Self Driving Taxis

Transport Trucks


Cryptocurrency ATMs

Cryptocurrency Mining Masternodes


3D Printing





Real Estate

Rental Properties


Co-working Space




Charging Stations


Vending Machines

Automated Kiosk/Stores


Farming Equipment

Automated Harvesting

The future

The MyBit platform will grow together with the expanding IoT industry. Adding new devices and revenue models to existing IoT devices.

Industries which have already began automating with IoT

1.4 T$

Advanced Energy

1.7 T$

Information & Communication

2 T$


2.4 T$

Transport and Storage

2.5 T$


11 T$


20 T$

Wholesale and Retail

24 T$


217 T$

Real Estate

Industries which have already began automating with IoT

Industry Value

Who can Invest?

Anyone. Unlike traditional investment funds that require unrealistic amounts of capital for 99% of people, MyBit ensures everyone can access the best investment opportunities.

We believe in a fair, open market that’s driven by technology for the benefit of people, not investment funds. Harnessing the power of Blockchain technology, we’re revolutionizing investing; we’re creating a future where it’s easier, faster and safer for everyone.

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