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How It Works
The machine economy is projected to produce trillions of dollars, with IoT devices operating in nearly every industry. By enabling everyone to invest in these revenue generating machines, MyBit redefines the way people generate income.
There Are 3 Core Roles
Contribute capital to fund assets and in return receive a percentage of its revenue.
IoT Partners
Companies who produce IoT hardware can integrate the MyBit API and have their assets exposed to a global pool of investors to increase their sales.
Asset Managers
Those who may not have excess capital to invest, can profit by receiving a percentage of the asset's revenue in exchange for managing it.
The Process
Asset Manager
Asset Managers see opportunities and maintain the machines. In this example, a store owner has space for a Bitcoin ATM in his local supermarket and he has already arranged the necessary license and insurance.
Asset Manager illustration
Select an Asset
Depending on location, the Asset Manager selects an asset from a variety of carefully selected partners who supply the device.
Select an Asset illustration
To ensure that the asset manager meets the expectations of the investors, a portion of the asset’s value is put down as collateral.
Escrow illustration
04. Funding Starts
Investors from all over the world invest in the Bitcoin ATM for a maximum of 30 days or until the funding goal is met. If the funding goal isn’t met, the funds are automatically returned back to investors.
05. Funding Ends
Once the Bitcoin ATM is fully funded, the order and payment is directly sent to the selected partner.
Delivery and Install
The partner delivers the machine and installs it for the asset manager.
Delivery and Install illustration
Revenue Generation
The asset is now generating revenue as the Bitcoin ATM charges fees for every transaction.
Revenue Generation illustration
Revenue Distributed
This revenue is distributed proportionately back to the investors over the blockchain without brokers, lawyers or middle-men. This results in a cost efficient, secure and transparent investment experience for everyone.
Revenue Distributed illustration
Own your future
Get your bit of the machine economy today.