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MyBit believes in the concept of co-creation. Community members guide our development with their advice, dedication and active participation in all aspects of the project. Join our community and get involved in our shared mission: to lead the way in the automated era.

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Our digital HQ is located on Discord. Here you will find everything you want to know about MyBit, IoT, and other related topics. Become a member of our great community today.

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MyBit supporters spawn across nearly every city, in every country which provides a vibrant network of meetups globally. Meet like minded people near you whilst having a drink and a laugh. Nothing fancy, just some great people, gathered to talk about great things.

Upcoming Events

The MyBit team often attends or hosts major events. These events are fantastic opportunities to bombard them with questions, gain more insights about the project or to simply have a drink with the team. [Blockchain Expo] (Amsterdam, June 27-28)

Blockchain Expo

Amsterdam, June 27-28

Tokenising ATM

Zug, TBD

Founder, Ian Worrall, will be presenting a live demo showcasing how the MyBit team has tokenised the world's first Bitcoin ATM.


London, TBD

Automating co-working, storage and shared spaces from start to finish. Demo will include financing, management, revenue distribution, and secondary market ownership swaps.

IoT Hackathon

Berlin, TBD

A Blockchain and Internet of Things hackathon designed to stimulate creativity and educate peers about the convergence of Finance, Blockchain, and IoT. More details to follow.


New Zealand, October 11-12

The first public demo of the MyBit platform in front of a live audience.


Prague, Oct 30 - Nov. 2

Devcon speaks for itself. The intersection of Disruption, Innovation, and Freedom.

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