Applications Powered by MyBit

MyBit’s applications offer a new way of owning and distributing wealth. Our applications include everything from investment platforms to payrolls, wills, trusts, and much more. They’re secure, efficient and cost-effective, letting users avoid middlemen and third party fees.


IoT investment platform

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iOS mobile wallet

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Android mobile wallet

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Trust fund for distributing Blockchain assets

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Blockchain-based wills for distributing assets

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Simple and efficient crypto airdrops

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Automating company token and stock option distributions

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Decentralised bill-splitting

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Decentralised IoT asset exchange

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Smart contract-based payroll automation

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Request payments in cryptocurrency

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Automate saving money while you spend

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Put limits on the amount you spend

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Ways to contribute

Contribute to one of the applications above. Through the Decentralised Development Fund (DDF), MyBit makes it simple for anyone to be rewarded financially for contributing code, searching for bugs, design, marketing, and various other tasks. All that is required is a github account.

Create your own

If you have an idea related to wealth management and distribution, MyBit provides the tools and resources for the rapid testing, development, and deployment of dApps.

Get Funding
Apply for Funding. MyBit supports innovative and disruptive initiatives. Anyone with an idea and the capacity to develop a proof of concept is eligible to apply for funding which typically will range from $25.000 to $50.000 but could be more or less depending on the concept.