About Us

MyBit is an IoT investment Ecosystem powered by Ethereum. Founded in Switzerland by industry veterans, MyBit believes that people should be able to follow their passion instead of having to work to survive.

By redefining the way people generate income, MyBit strives to democratise financial services so everyone has equal access to investment opportunities. This becomes critical when the future machine economy automates 800 million jobs by 2030 (Mckinsey, 2017) and the average person, whose job is automated, has no ability to participate in this new economy.

MyBit provides an Ecosystem for the upcoming Trillion dollar IoT industry (Forbes, 2017), with the belief that everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate in this revolution.

Our core conviction

Although we all come from different countries, cultures and (professional) backgrounds there is one thing that connects us. We all share a common vision; to improve the life of everyone.

While we see the vast potential of IoT and automation, we are aware that it will have major repercussions for the role humans play in the future economy. Instead of fighting this development we have chosen to embrace it.

By utilising our shared resources we are building the first decentralized ecosystem that enables humans to play an active role in the economy of tomorrow.

MyBit offers everyone to either invest or manage revenue generating machines over the blockchain, resulting in a new way to generate income in an automated world. MyBit lets the machines work for you again so you can enjoy the things that are truly important.

MyBit Team

Ian Worrall


A veteran to the bitcoin industry who began as a miner and trader in 2013. Soon after moved into blockchain applications to fund MyBit in Switzerland.

Jose Aguinaga


A web engineer with over 8+ years of experience in javascript related technologies, fintech development, and software engineering.

Joost Toornend


Expert in branding & marketing with a trackrecord in blockchain.

Hugo Allen

Business Development and Operations

Assisting with business operations, growing partnerships and keeping business organised.

James Halladay

Creative Consultant

Creative consultant and Cambridge graduate with experience at some of the UK’s biggest advertising agencies.

Ash Halladay

Creative Lead

Brings 8 years creative experience working on brand development, digital design and creative consultancy.

Kyle Dewhurst

Solidity Developer

A blockchain engineer, developing Ethereum Dapps for various projects since early 2016.

Branislav Djuric

Software Engineer

Experienced software developer and architect. Worked for various international tech brands in Belgrade, Zurich, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Cristiano Martins

Front End Developer

Still figuring out how he found his way in.

What have we achieved so far?

  1. Q1 2017Idea Conceived
  2. Q3 2017Tokensale August 2017
  3. Q4 2017First 3 partners November 2017
  4. Q1 2018Opens office in Zug, Switzerland
  5. Q3 2018MyBit DApp Inner Alpha
  6. Q3 2018MYDAX Alpha Release
  7. Q4 2018Beta Release
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