About us

MyBit was started by a team of industry veterans who spotted a massive problem with today’s financial systems. Third party agents such as lawyers, escrow agents, and brokers are required to establish trust and conduct transactions.

This is inefficient, unsafe, and expensive. Our vision is to utilise smart contract technology to eliminate the need for these centralised sources and create a more efficient, secure, and cost-effective wealth management environment.

MyBit provides robust developer tools such as the MyBit SDK to give engineers the power to rapidly build, test and deploy wealth management applications on the Ethereum blockchain as well as funding mechanisms, such as the DDF, to support and scale disruptive projects.

Developer Tools

The MyBit SDK is a suite of tools that allow developers to build decentralised wealth management applications on top of the MyBit Network. Using these tools front-end developers can build decentralised asset management platforms of their own using MyBit scripts and API's.

White Label Solutions

Often companies understand the importance of innovation to remain competitive, however, do not possess the resources required to develop custom solutions. This is why we are working to provide pre-packaged wealth management and distribution applications including an investment platform, a decentralised exchange, and DAFs (decentralised autonomous funds) which enable anyone to roll out the necessary infrastructure for operating an investment fund. All decentralised with Ethereum. All powered by Mybit.

Meet the Team


Ian Worrall


A veteran to the bitcoin industry who began as a miner and trader in 2013. Soon after moved into blockchain applications to fund MyBit in Switzerland.


Jose Aguinaga


A web engineer with over 8+ years of experience in javascript related technologies, fintech development, and software engineering.

Solidity Developer

Peter Phillips

Solidity Developer

A developer with five years of experience in data engineering, data visualisation and web app development, who now specialises in Solidity. He was also an early miner of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Lead Front End Developer

Cristiano Martins

Lead Front End Developer

A front end developer and Computer Science graduate with experience from multiple blockchain projects. He now specialises in React while still figuring out how he found his way in.

North American Community Manager

Dan Engler

North American Community Manager

An IT security professional, avid crypto enthusiast and all around hustler who helps keep order on the MyBit's Telegram channel

Asia Pacific Community Manager

Rory Davies

Asia Pacific Community Manager

A community manager who’s inspired by the power of blockchain to change business and economics. An active member of the MyBit community, he’s now keeping our Telegram in check.

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Cryptovalley Labs
Crypto Valley
Blockchain Labs
Prime Holding
Slock It
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Git Coin
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Token Distribution Phase 1
Q3 2017
Rebrand & Announced MYDAX
Q2 2018
MyBit Go Alpha
Q3 2018
Decentralised Development Fund and SDK
Q4 2018
Token Distribution Phase 2
Q1 2019
Asset managers & Governance
Q2 2019
MyBit Go Beta, Dax Staking
Q3 2019
MYDAX Beta, Ecosystem Fund
Q4 2019
Fully Automated

The MyBit Token

The MyBit Network is powered by the MyBit Token (MYB). MYB is used for everything from executing specific functions with our SDKs to accessing features of applications. Basically, all apps built on MyBit (including MyBitGO) use MYB to function.

The token is also used to fund the growth of the network through MyBit Ventures and other developer reward programmes.

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