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Our vision is creating a future where people don't have to work and machines pay humans
Jobs across all industries are beginning to be automated by advanced machinery and tools. This is happening today right beneath our feet, and large companies are capitalising on this by investing in large fleets of machines.
No Opportunity for The Average Person
This will result in a future where few humans hold jobs and machines are owned by a handful of large companies, causing income disparity to rise at unprecedented levels.
Only Accessible by The Ultra-Wealthy
Beyond that, there are even laws in place which restrict who can invest by requiring a minimum net worth and value of assets often in the millions.
This is counterproductive
Welcome To MyBit
We at MyBit believe that this is counterproductive and does not benefit society. It creates an environment where the already well off can continue profiting and growing their wealth while those who are not as fortunate in terms of total wealth are left stranded.
Accessible Investment Marketplace
Using Blockchain technology, MyBit creates an inclusive, equal, and accessible investment marketplace. So instead of a few people owning all of the machines, anyone can profit from machine labour and participate in the economy of the future.
Blockchain In Use
Blockchain technology is great for two things; sending money and assets without a bank and executing contractual agreements without a lawyer or other form of intermediary. MyBit incorporates this technology to offer a vast range of benefits over traditional investment platforms.
MyBit Is
Traditional funds pay out quarterly or annually. With MyBit, it’s in real-time.
More Profitable
Funds usually charge 20-30%. With MyBit, it’s a flat 3% fee.
Investment funds expect you to trust their data. With MyBit, it’s backed by the blockchain.
No banks, no lawyers, no escrow agents, no extensive paperwork, and no contracts to enforce.
Traditional funds are for high net worth individuals only. MyBit’s accessible to all.
Many funds are limited by geography. MyBit offers access to a global market.